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What is Jeremiah Mordi up to these days?

We touched base with The Pancake Man about his summer plans and his time in Saint John. Here is what he had to say:

1) What are your plans for the Summer?
My summer plans are; to train vigorously and improve my game. I also plan on throwing a couple basketball camps in New York and possibly Saint John.

2) What did you like about playing in Saint John this season?
I loved the support the fans showed. I liked how close everything in town is and the lack of traffic, as opposed to New York where I’m stuck in traffic daily.

3) What is your favourite place to hang out in Saint John, and in your hometown of New York?
My favorite place was the either the YMCA of Greater Saint John or The Saint John Ale House.

4) What was the biggest thing you learned in your first year of professional basketball?
The biggest thing I learned in my first year is to shoot the ball!

Thanks Jeremiah Mordi!

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We will be bringing you player updates as we receive them throughout the summer.

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