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Island View School Coding Event

To help celebrate Computer Science Week, taking place from December 5th to 11th, students at Island View School participating in the Hour of Code will not only learn about the importance of coding but they will also get a chance to learn how to code alongside Saint John Riptide Basketball players.

“I can’t think of a better way to tip off our season than by helping kids learn how to code. Our players know how to assess situations and quickly solve problems on the court. That’s kind of like coding” explained Scott VanWart, President of the Saint John Riptide.

Mr. VanWart is a computer science graduate from the University of New Brunswick and shares in the value of students learning to code. “Coding can absolutely help students with reading, writing, math and problem solving skills.  Events like this are awesome because we need to give our kids every opportunity to be future-ready. Let’s face it, tech, and the code behind it, is everywhere and the best jobs in the future will be given to people who know how to code. Our athletes, grew-up knowing they wanted to be pro-basketball players, but they also knew they needed a good foundation in order to reach their goals.  This event is doing exactly that, it’s helping kids build a strong foundation and like any language, it’s better to teach it early — the younger the better.”

Anthony Anderson has been playing in Saint John for 6 years, he grew up in Boston, MA. “We all use technology.  I use it to help with my practices, but most of us don’t know how to read or write using computer languages. Its important kids get the basics now, because no matter the career they choose, coding will give them more options. This will be a great event, I can’t wait to code!”

Many students are eager to learn how to code just like Mr. Anderson, but the majority of teachers aren’t experienced in computer science and aren’t sure where to start.

This is where Brilliant Labs, a non-profit educational organization, and the Hour of Code can help explains Mr. Jeff Willson, Executive Director of Brilliant Labs.  “The Hour of Code is a global event, reaching tens of millions of students in 180 countries.  Teachers can sign up their students to participate at Dec 2nd and give their students a chance to try coding as they take part in one-hour self-guided tutorials.   We were very excited to hear that the Saint John Riptide players are coming to Island View School. The kids will be pumped and I can’t think of a better way for students to learn about the importance of coding & computer science.”

Brilliant Labs and the Department of Education hope to double the amount of participating students over last year and get all schools to enroll at least one class in the Hour of Code this December.

For more information about the Saint John Riptide, their involvement in the Hour of Code and other community activities please contact:   Scott VanWart President, Saint John Riptide 506-799-5701 or

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