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Unfinished Business

Saint John Pro Basketball is very pleased to announce the signing of Gabe Freeman for the 2016-2017 NBL Canada season.

“Gabe’s energy and level of competitiveness is so contagious that everyone in the arena feeds off it,” says Paul Vaughan, Director of Basketball Operations. “It’s why he’s an MVP candidate every season and why the fans in Saint John love watching him play.”

Freeman a 6’6” power forward played in Saint John professionally last season and became a fan favourite. He was 1st Team All Star last season and is a former NBL Canada MVP (2011-2012). During the 2016 season Gabe registered 19 points and 8.20 rebounds per game. He shot an impressive 47% from the floor and ranked 4th in the league for total scoring at 872 points.

“When I spoke to Coach and he told the plan and what would be happening in Saint John this season I had to come back,” said Freeman. “We did well last season, but there is still unfinished business, we didn’t end as well as we hoped and the fans deserve more.”

“Gabe’s signing is big on the court and off. Gabe has great charisma and everybody loves him, he gets our crowd going and he is our leader,” states Coach Spon. “His motor never stops on the court, the best rebounder I ever coached, or coached against, especially on the offensive boards, he is relentless.”